4 comments on “Our Neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta

  1. Well a tattoo for Ash Wednesday, sounds rather Pagan. Love Mexican Baroque Churches. I hear that the infamous Dr. Spo is in town, sporting those shirts, apparently rumour has it the Mexicans guapos have noticed and are not pleased. No shirt with Mexico’s colour or something Aztec. So the US Government has dispatched the Marines to manhandle the Spo guy back to the US. Who knew.
    Well continue to have fun. Glad to see you are getting your exercise up and down them hills, I hope Spo is not too tired at his age.

  2. “It’s nice to know how convenient it will be should Jesus want me to get a tattoo.”

    Don’t do it even if Jesus tells you to. Don’t do it even if the Blessed Virgin herself wants you decorated! Glad to see you back online. Wishing you a safe trip back to the U S of A!

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