5 comments on “The Pets of Puerto Vallarta

  1. Oh I really do like this post! Pomeranians are my favorite breed of dog as I think I already mentioned in previous comments. Bill and I have had a total of five Pomeranians. The last three we had was a family. Horace, “T” (for Tiffany) and “Babydoll”, their pup (there were two in their litter) “T” was definitely the Grand Dame of the house and she let everyone know it. I understand completely your description of Athena. Babydoll periodically would try to gain control but T would always put her daughter in her place. Horace? He was just an easy going guy. Never growled in his life and always let the “ladies” have the run of the house. Dog pecking order, very interesting. Thanks again for this wonderful post that was so close to my heart.


  2. Booboo is amazing. A sure shoo-in for the lead in ‘The Lion King’ (should a real lion not be available).

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