11 comments on “Celebrity Sighting – How Exciting!

  1. I find her beautiful as well but I have not seen her in person. I still remember being wowed by her watching the Miss America pageant and being equally shocked the next day to read the paper and learn she was black.lol I always felt she was a bitch for some reason though. Not sure why?

  2. I remember those pix; so tame and such a fuss over nothing! “saved the best for last” is a beautiful song; it was played at our wedding reception in 1992.

    good to have you back, “dancing bear”!

  3. A very interesting post. Some people have that aura around them when you see them in person. Obviously Ms. Williams is one of those people. Back in the 70’s I had my own brush with celebrities at an airport. While I was waiting for my “puddle jumper” plane (seating capacity 20) from the small Provincetown, Mass airport for the flight to the Logan Airport I Boston there sat at the same terminal, not more than a few feet from me was Norman Mailer and his friends, Abby Hoffman (the notorious “Chicago Seven” hippie protestor) and Gerry Studds, the first openly gay Congressman. They weren’t together but traveling separately but we were all waiting for the same plane. I was in Celebrity Overload that day. And no, I didn’t ask to take a picture. Maybe I should have asked them all to get together for a group photo. 🙂

    • I thought about trying to snap a few but didn’t. If I’d been farther away I might have done but from 4-5 feet away I was worried my ability to be surreptitious would be inadequate.

  4. I’ve had quite a few celeb-sightings over the years, some of them up-close and NOT personal, like boarding a plane in Dallas with Buck Owens in line just ahead of me, and James Taylor in a deli in New York (he looked terrified at being recognized; I did not inflict myself upon him). And I met Ethel Merman, but I was only fourteen at the time. Up close AND personal was Debi Mazar (‘Goodfellas’, Google her) whom I had lunch with. (She was doing wardrobe and makeup for a video being shot here.) Minor celebs, and major ones who have class always seem to be nice. Vanessa Williams IS stunning.

  5. When I lived in NYC it was not uncommon to see stars all over town. Anthony Perkins riding his bike down 7th Avenue to the village; Zero Mostel lived 3 blocks from me; Jane Alexander or Chita Rivera rushing to or from rehearsal halls, La Streisand walking down Broadway with little sister. Elaine Stritch at the bar at Downey’s, On and On. You just get used to seeing them and yes, leave them alone.

  6. I once saw Halle Berry and became straight for about ninety minutes. Later that day, I interviewed Amanda Lepore and became something else for ninety minutes. I left NYC the next day for a week in Ptown where I was restored to health.

  7. Woot! I’m very HAPPY to learn I’m not alone about the questions YOU’d like answered….I do think I would have wondered about ALL the very things you wanted to know 🙂

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