10 comments on “Breakfast With The Arts

  1. In just 50 mins from this moment the BBC Music radio channel will start relaying this very same performance. I too had never heard of Zandonai but I’ll give this a go, though unless it really grabs me I doubt if I’ll last much more than an hour, which is par for the course for me. Francesca da Rimini? Hmmmm You shouldn’t be needing to use any of the Met’s heating, then.
    (Hope I don’t hear your coughing at all that smoke!)

    Yes, do try to transform that water into something with a little more ‘buzz’.
    Funny how all the necessary so-called ‘miracles’ required prior to canonisation turn out to be physical ‘healings’, which could well have happened anyway. Why can’t a prospective saint be a bit original and, say, levitate the entire structure of St Peter’s 500 feet and bring it back down to earth safely with no one injured. Now THAT would help me (and millions others) believe!
    But becoming a saint has become a bit easier thanks to the helpful intervention of Papa J.P. II who not only lowered the bar requiring, instead of three miracles, now only two – though I’ve got a feeling it’s now come down to just one – and his also abolishing the role of ‘Devil’s Advocate’ the office of the person who was to argue AGAINST that particular person being canonised. In doing so, J.P. II also made it so much easier for HIMSELF to be made a saint – not that that had any influence, I’m sure!

    Looking forward to reading your opera report – and perhaps hearing of a miracle you worked during it!

  2. Love the halo, maybe being from the State where you live in martyrdom enough. Enjoy Francesca da Rimini, a sad and tragic story. Rimini is a lovely town, birthplace of film producer Federico Fellini.

  3. Congratulations (?) on becoming a “Big S Saint”. I had a feeling that you were already a “little s” saint.

    PS Dangers of reading too quickly onisufficient coffee – for a moment I thought the composer was Zamboni.

  4. Who knew that Arizona and I would agree on something? Daylights Savings Time is an abomination (but I am still not moving to AZ so I can avoid it).

  5. I love Raybeard’s thoughts on miracles.

    Now YOU would be performing a miracle if you could get ME to sit down at 9 in the morning to watch a four-hour opera!

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