6 comments on “Oh, The Horror!

  1. I had it on for the first hour – though simultaneously I just happened to be (whisper whisper) watching porno. I’ll leave you to guess which had the greater hold on my attention. But from what you say, to really ‘appreciate’ this opera, visuals were needed. Sounds like it was a hoot!

  2. References to George & Martha, Snidely Whiplash, Norma Desmond, and Tippi Hedren: This is MY kind of post!

    “It took a few minutes to realize what I was seeing was not bad acting but a stylistic choice.”

    It took me y e a r s to realize the same thing about Helena Bonham Carter’s performance in ‘A Room with a View’.

    • I try to put thing in terms of popular culture references that would’ve meaningful to me.

      I know what you mean about HBC. I like generally like her though, as I mentioned in a previous post, it’s odd that her costume is the same in every movie; a couture mix of Stevie Nicks; Goth; and Madonna in her Desperately Seeking Susan phase.

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