16 comments on “Harper Comes Home – Big Smiles

  1. Yes, that’s one happy doggy. Now go and make up for your ‘abandoning’ her by spoiling her to bits – or maybe that’s already been done?

  2. meredith and nyla were clingy little pussies with mommy and daddy yesterday. our neighbor came in twice a day to feed/water/play with them. but it’s just NOT the same as their parents!

    harper looks mighty pleased to see her daddies! 🙂

  3. with our two we need a home babysitter, they freak out at the pethotel, refuse to eat and Nicky becomes mad jealous of any dog approaching his Nora. So in May we have a sitter to look after them. Just like children.

  4. First thing I thought when I saw the picture of Harper, even before I read you posting “That dog is smiling!” And darn if I wasn’t right! 🙂

  5. So glad to see that Harper is home again. Just noticed this is filed under Friends of Harper. Are there dues? How can one join? Will i get a dues card? I would like an application form.

  6. I am taking my dog Max to his first pet resort, as they call it, in April so I can visit friends in Florida. I hope he has as good a time as Harper seems to.

  7. Harper is such a cutie!! When we returned from Puerto Vallarta (after leaving Marvin behind for the first time) his tail wagged so hard it seemed as if it might come off. Pets do seem to have the purest love.

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