14 comments on “The Problem with ‘Hate-Speech’ – It’s So Hard to Get It Just Right

  1. In my day (The Fifties) “Fairy” or “sissy” was the pejorative term of choice most often used to dehumanize young gay men. Later the lovely term of “fudge packer” was often used by homophobes to put down gay men as animalistic sex perverts. Of course the all time fav was and still is queer. Our homophobe neighbors in Pennsylvania used to call us “gaywads”. Who knows where that came from? There have been and still are so many uses of the English language to discount us as full human beings that it is almost impossible to list them all. The one thing I liked most about this weekend was there was no hate and that is the way it should be.

    • I thought about including ‘queer’ but decided against it. I know gay people of the “Queer Nation” era that adopted that word as one of empowerment. Also, when used derogatorily, I hear it used more often as an adjective than a noun.

      I’m still trying to figure out “lemon”. I am going to research that.

      • Lemon Party is a shows a picture of three old nude men on a bed kissing and having oral sex. The lemon party scene is believed to have originated in early 2001 from a Tampa Bay retirement home. Lemon party has achieved some notoriety, appearing on: Talkshow with Spike Feresten, Archer, The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show and 30 Rock. The Lemon Party site has also been referenced on the Opie and Anthony radio show, Chelsea Lately and The Daily Show. Canada also has a political party called The Lemon Party. To this day, lemon party remains a shock site powerhouse and internet legend. lemonparty.biz is the site I believe.

      • So I learned. Thanks.

        An equally plausible explanation for the term I found is the term has been used in Australia (and consequently the UK) as slang for lesbian since the 1980’s. Not sure which is truly the source but I’m going with Australia since it doesn’t involve looking at the Lemon Party photos. 🙂

      • Another thing I learned about Lemon Party is it refers to a political party in Canada. Multiple definitions, hmmmm interesting.

  2. I think Ms. Bankhead would have said something like: I don’t know if he is gay, he never sucked my cock.
    It was Christopher Isherwood the writer who used the word Queer as a way to neutralize the word and its meaning, after a while it’s just a word. Also jokingly I have heard people say So and so is a big old homo.
    In Canada there is mudsliging at political opponents but NO name calling, it appears Cdn politicians think unseemly to do such a thing and the public would not put up with it. But that is typically Canadian. We are so polite it hurts.

  3. sherrif joe will (hopefully) depart this mortal coil soon; he IS 78, after all. he will take his h8 to his grave.

    as ron said above, thank bob there was none of that talk this weekend. just more love and more joy (50 points if you know the song reference!).

      • dingdingdingding – 50 points to someone! age or time can NEVER destroy what we had this past weekend!

        I didn’t do anything special, trust me; ron and cubby did all the work. I just wanted to be a part of the spo admiration society! and todd and I are so happy we were able to attend! 🙂


  4. I just wonder how long it’s going to take for most of this speech to disappear, much as the ‘n-word” has gone away (well, sorta, if you discount the rappers and hip-hoppers adopting it because “it’s ok if we use it to refer to each other”). I figure 40 or 50 years after we get equal rights, sorta like the n-word.
    Peace ❤

    • Steven Spielberg bemoaned the fact that “kike” had almost disappeared from the lexicon, until Michael Jackson brought it back in his song ‘They Don’t Care About Us” with the line “Jew me, sue me, everybody do me/ Kick me, kike me, don’t you black or white me”. I think the damage was minimal, as I think ‘kike’ immediately dipped back into obscurity.

      The disappearance of offensive terms is not helped by the fact that what is deeply offensive to me (‘fudge packer’) is only crass to another, and not worth fretting over. Also, I myself get very conflicted when it all gets into ‘context’, like a couple of decades ago when Andrew Dice Clay defended himself as not being a homophobe, but only playing a homophobic ‘character’ in his act. Help me with that one, please.

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