8 comments on “Tonight at 8.30

  1. Wonderful, H.K. I’ve got quite a number of his plays on audio-cassette, including (from ‘Tonight at 8.30’), ‘Red Peppers’ and ‘Fumed Oak’ which you’ve mentioned above. Also there is the astonishing ‘The Vortex’, his first major success written when he was still in his 20s – and there was a broadcast of a new production of this on BBC radio only last week to which I also listened. I can well believe that the Canadian marathon you undertook four years ago was a sublime experience and well worth the enduring of any momentary physical discomforts. I’d have willingly undergone the same given the chance.
    I did a fairly substantial posting on ‘The Master’ a couple of years ago (to which I think I once referred you back). In that post I mentioned a number of his witty quotes which I won’t repeat now. But as you’ve mentioned a certain person above I can add another one:-
    He was once asked if he’d ever had a relationship with a woman. He gave the questioner a wordless, withering stare. “But surely….” – the questioner persisted – “…… you and Miss (Gertrude) Lawrence?” To which he replied, with inimitable clipped enunciation, “Part-TIC-ularly not with Miss Lawrence!”

    I said I wouldn’t repeat what I said in my own previous post, but this one always raises a smile so I will, in case there are still those around who haven’t heard it::-
    In London one evening he was coming up from the Underground with a professional acquaintance. They were suddenly faced with a large billboard advertising a newly released film:-

    “Michael Redgrave – Dirk Bogarde – ‘THE SEA SHALL NOT HAVE THEM'”

    He looked up quizzically, rubbed his chin, then “Hmmm. I don’t see why not. Everybody else has!”

    • …….And one must not forget (with thanks to Kyle @ Out Left for bringing it to my attention) Coward’s telegram of good wishes to Gertie Lawrence just prior to her starting a run on Broadway:-

      “A warm hand on your opening”.

  2. “Fumed Oak” was a standard project given to students by my high school drama teacher. The hen pecked husband was one of the favorite roles I had the good fortune to play.

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