15 comments on “Harper Visits The Vet

  1. I love to keep up with Harper’s activities. Molly is going to get a membership to the Dog Part because of your blogging about it. I took her down for a brief visit and she loved it.

    • I hope she will continue to enjoy it. I hope you enjoy it too. The pet owners usually have plenty to chat about so it is pretty social.

      Not sure if it is the same in your climate but in AZ the vets recommend bordetella vaccinations annually if dogs are relatively solitary but twice/yr if the dogs go to dog parks, day camps or pet hotels. You might want to check with your vet.

  2. My dogs never minded the vet. In fact, in SC, Bullwinkle had the run of the office after his exams. I’d drop him off on the way to work, they’d do whatever needed to be done, then he was the “mascot of the day”. He was so calm, he’d calm down the other dogs (and totally ignore the cats).

    Harper is lucky to have a vet so tuned to the dog instead of the person holding the leash!
    Peace ❤

  3. Harper is so special that she has her very own blog. She is kind enough to share it with Harper’s Keeper and even lets him put other silly things there, such as ballet and opera. But Harper is and should be the center of attention, as she is such a fine bitch!


  4. Yes, I was going to say that Harper is “One big smiley doggy” but Rick got there before me.
    Seeing a happy dog always lifts my spirits.

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