7 comments on “Fascinating Aida

  1. They used to be ‘big’ here between around 20 and 10 years ago – much more on the radio than TV, but less so in both recently. I’m not sure if they’re still performing and if so, if have they have the same line-up as in this early clip. Very original, with their close-harmony ditties – and, as here, they could (can?) be very funny.

    • There have definitely been personnel changes over the years. The latest cd in my collection also added a man into the mix. I see on Amazon there are more cds in recent years but I’m not sure how much is new material.

  2. Great way to start the morning! So very funny they are! I wound up on YouTube watching other videos, almost forgot to eat breakfast!
    Peace ❤

    • Glad you liked. There are a couple on YouTube I like more than the one I posted but they were solo pieces. this was the best I’ve found so far where all three perform.

  3. Why am I not surprised that you were a thespian in your former life? I just know you would be fabulous! I think you missed your calling. 🙂 I can see you in a theater production. You have to talk to Mark (of DE) at the next Bloggerpalooza. He also appears in productions which I bet you didn’t know about. 🙂 I just knew you were special. 🙂
    Retired in Delaware

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