27 comments on “Saturday – Earworm Day

    • OH Thank you very much for putting that back top-of-mind! Last time I had that as an earworm I was only able to extract it with shock treatment and an ice pick.

      • Harper’s Keeper: I apologize for AM’s crassness at mentioning Seasons In the Sun. I suggest an earworm for her as approptiate punishment for the crime. “Fernando” by Abba….ha ha, ha (and more manical laughter, etc).

      • Ha! Thanks for the suggestion. The problem is that earworm would be nearly fatal to Spo. I fear it would be the earworm equivilent of ‘going nuclear’.
        On the other hand, “Billy, Don’t Be A Hero”…..

  1. Yes, “Rapture” is one song that plays over and over in my head. In fact I recorded it for play at our recent “Bloggerpalooza.” Do you remember hearing it? 🙂

  2. Off the subject
    But terry Wogan is a retired Irish broadcaster and tv personality in the uk
    When he was on the radio…he used to comment that perhaps listeners were running late with their household jobs in the morning…hence ” not a child in the house washed”

  3. Ladies and gentleman, please stop! I didn’t mean to start this war. Let’s call a truce before someone brings up Blue Swede or Starland Vocal Band…until the next time!!!!

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