18 comments on “Death On A Triscuit

  1. OMG no please no more unglamorous shots of you, too horrible to bear. Also your PR manager should never have allowed such a posting of pix. National Enquirer and News of the World is going to have a field day with this. Hope you feel fabulous again soon.

  2. OMB, that does NOT look like the same dear someone I saw only 1 month ago! I feel your pain, though; my allergies are over the top, and the asthma follows right behind. HOW can something so pretty (like trees and flowers) make us feel so miserable?!? 😦

  3. Oh dear. The 6:30 a.m. shot is not at all flattering. I’ve seen you. I know you’re way more handsome than that. Hope the allergies clear soon.

  4. Thanks goodness you published the second pic. Don’t know how we could have coped without an antidote to the first!

  5. Oh God, the “before” picture of you reminds me of my departed (none to soon) Uncle Clarence. Do you take Loratadine? I admire you for daring to post that photo. I have a few photos of myself with about two hours sleep that I keep to remind me to take my daily nap. During Day Two of the Bloggerpalooza I was drifting into that sphere. 😦Retired in Delaware

    • There are differences but there are a lot of variables. I think, in general, within most breeds, males can be a little more assertive. Females, if not spayed are a little more work because you have to manage their estrus. I wouldn’t say one or the other make better pets. That has more to do with size, breed and temperment. When we got Harper we knew we wanted a rescue dog. We went off in search of a large-breed, male, puppy. We came home with a medium sized, 9 month old, female.

      • Thank you very much for the reply. This is probably what is going to happen to us as well. We’ll make plans, then go to a rescue Centre and take home a new family member no matter what we thought we wanted.

  6. Not sure I look like 5 miles of bad road, but I feel your pain, too. My dark blue Toyota was bright yellow yesterday. Tree pollen is terrible. Take care and feel better soon.

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