17 comments on “An English Accent

  1. I hate the thought of being burgled. Just the violation of the act pisses me off. I hope you are able to work through it.

    I love an English accent. Did you know there are just about as many differences in English speech as there are dialects and accents in the US? I’ve never tried to affect an English accent, mostly out of respect to my English friends, whose voices I find beautiful! (Not to mention, I can’t do it for the life of me!)

    Peace ❤

    • The accent isn’t quite as attractive when the voice is digitally created but I it. And I really like that it is a male voice. Unfortunately I really has a hard time understanding me so I fear I may end up with the digital female equivalent of the “Ohio news anchor” voice.

    • I’m afraid Harper will not make it as a watch dog. (She’s lucky she’s so cute!). She raises the roof if someone walks up the front door and rings the doorbell but once someone is in the house she just assumes they should be there.

  2. Sorry to hear about the burglery, but it IS kinda nice that you got a new phone out of the deal. I vote that you affect a Brittish accent all the time, not just so that male Siri can understand you. Such things make life more interesting! 🙂

  3. My nephew is going to school in Tempe. His place was burgled also. He said several in his neighborhood had been broken into. His dog Miles was there and probably just wanted to get petted by the perps. Glad you and Harper and Dr. S are all OK.

  4. What a horrible experience! It really knocks one’s wind out, leaving a feeling of being violated and dirty. Commiserations to all three of you.
    (In 1992 I was burgled twice within a space of 4 months, but just going through it once is quite bad enough, thank you).

    Jay M. is correct in mentioning the multitude of English accents. Even now, 40 years after leaving north-east England, as soon as I open my mouth people know the region I come from. When I first moved from there to Oxford I was teased mercilessly about my accent, which all got really tiresome very quickly. I wonder what English accent your Siri (whatever that is) recognises. ‘Received BBC English’, I would guess – something which very few people ever really speak in.

    • It’s fascinating to me when I hear different English accents. It seems like there should not be so much variation since the areas are relatively close together. Of course that would be true of Boston, NYC, Philadelphia and Richmond as well and those differences are easy to hear.

  5. You should have set your phone to Canadian English. That would be practical come August.

    Now that the barn door is open might I suggest Prey?

    • Thanks for the suggestion on Prey. I was pretty impressed by the “Find My Phone” functionality already in the phones but I’ll looking it for the laptop.

      One minor disappointment, actually with “Find My Phone” It only works on other Apple devises so I could track me stolen phone on Harper’s Other Dad’s iPhone or on the Mac laptop but not from our WIndows desktop PC

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