20 comments on “I Am A Burglary Survivor

  1. I am glad that nothing more was taken. Strange that Harper did not notice. Thanks for the clip. Loved it and loved seeing Angela also.

  2. Lucky break really, hopefully that will be all for you and it will not happen again. Police say that when a break in occurs usually the burglars have been watching their target for a few days. In your case it may have been a crime of opportunity and nothing else. Maybe you want to train Harper to be a killer attack dog like Cujo. Take care.

  3. I am glad no one was hurt. I pray that the “fraud alerts” you put out will prevent any thieving of your identity.

  4. I’m sooooo glad everyone is okay. It seems like crime is way up or the local media here in Houston just love reporting it. Your scenario could have been so different. I know that it just makes your nut sack draw up that a stranger came in your home and took away the pleasure of leaving your doors open. Now I suppose you will have second thoughts on that idea. I started to ask how tall is the wall but it doesn’t matter does it? When they want in they will get in.
    I’m glad your safe but CANNOT beleive Harper was not alerted. My dogs get antsy when they hear anything at all.

    • Harper is very timid around strangers. If someone comes to the front door or rings the doorbell she sounds pretty tough but when someone is in the house she just approches them cautiously, sniffs and then goes in her kennel where she feels safe. I think it is still left over PTSD from her life before us.

  5. I am not sure why your pants were on the counter. I assume you were wearing gym clothes. Maybe not…. It is terrible. One of the women here at work told us a similar story about a man trying to come in her slider. She saw him and called the cops. They actually caught the guy. He said he was at the wrong address. A friend was supposed to have left the door open for him….hmmmm. Glad you are okay.

  6. holy shitsnax! guess you gotta keep all the doors locked from now on. does the house have a motion sensor, or an alarm system? that being said, I am thankful the 3 of you are not harmed physically.

  7. No doubt a druggie looking for a quick few bucks. He’s lucky he didn’t come in here. I tend to respond to odd noises with a rather large, black, “thing” in my hand that goes “boom” when I want it to.

    Glad nothing else was taken, but I am sure that I’d be out cementing broken bottles along the top of the that wall!

    Peace ❤

    • Funny you say that. My next door neighbor is looking though the building & use restrictions to see if she can put barbed wire on the inside of the wall where it would not be visible from the street. That seems a bit of an over-reatction to me but I’m going to see what she finds out before I tell her that. 🙂

      • I was out in Palm Springs, CA years ago, and EVERY neighborhood was walled and gated. The nicer ones had very pretty wrought iron spikes on top of the fences or walls, the trailer parks (also walled and gated) had broken soda bottles cemented into the top of the walls! I was flabbergasted.

        Oh, and tell your neighbor to use concertina wire, way more effective!

        Peace ❤

  8. oooh, that’s no fun. About 18 mos ago our house was broken into in the middle of the day while i was up in my home office. THey got two apple laptops, an ipad, an ipod and my GPS. Fucking freaked me out.

  9. How terrible! Glad everyone is unscathed though.
    I know how having things stolen can make you feel so violated…..and not in the good way. 😉
    A little G&S always cheers me up when I’m feeling down.

  10. I feel so bad for you guys. Thank God your or Harper’s Other Dad was hurt. But still, because of this very invasive act, your lives will be changed forever. After and incident like this, you never get over the sense of feeling violated plus you have lost that sense of security that you have always taken for granted. I had my wallet stolen once. When I used to work at Fidelity Bank in Philadelphia, I carried my wallet in my suit coat pocket. When in my cubicle working away, I would hang my suit coat on a hanger INSIDE my cubicle. Would you believe someone got inside my suit coat pocket and stole my wallet? Credit cards, driver’s license, and, of course, money. I had to replace everything. About four months later they found my wallet stuffed behind some pipes in the stairwell. By then I had replaced all the cards. Of course the money was gone. But ever since then I don’t trust anybody, even at work. However, I never had anybody come into my hole while I was there and take things. Again, thank God you didn’t confront him. Lock those doors now.


  11. I’m sorry that happened to you, but very glad you’re all right and nothing that valuable was taken from you.

  12. Oh blimey! What a woeful tale! Is NOTHING sacred? Apparently not. Let’s hope that ‘karma’ gets to work in double-quick time on the perpetrator – and in more than full measure.

  13. The first house we shared was burglarized, but we’ve been lucky in the ensuing decades. I think I interrupted our burglar, too — however, I didn’t discover his work until the next day, when a fly announced that a window screen was missing. The things he took had been dropped outside that window in a hasty escape (I guess) and judging by the choice of booty, I think our burglar may have been a youngster. I cannot recall what the items were, but they were not the cameras that were sitting on the dining table that an experienced ‘artiste’ would have gone for.

    Very sorry this happened to you.

  14. Wow. That would have scared the be-jeezus out of me, knowing someone had come into my home WHILE I was in it. I’m glad that no one was hurt physically!

    About the barbed wire on top thing, something better that they do in NOLA: broken pieces of glass mounted in concrete on the top of the fence. You can’t really see them from the road, but you sure as Hell will find out about them if you attempt to jump/shimmy/crawl onto the top of the concrete fence.

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