9 comments on “Mixed Emotions

  1. I felt sadness while you were describing Boyfriend’s effort, and I must admit that if I had been in that line, I would have probably felt frustration as well — especially, when they pulled out the small change. Since I would not have been funding some drug habit, but rather a “good meal” breakfast, I think I would have reached around them, and handed the cashier a $10 bill. But then again, I might have already have moved to the other queue.


  2. Not for the first time, A.M. has got her identical thought out before me. (Actually the Starbucks name has recently been classed as ‘mud’ here too, at least for many people, because of their managing to pay far less British taxes than other equivalent bodies [hardly any, in fact], by deceptively registering their British H.Q. as being located abroad – in this case the Netherlands, I think).

    But I do fully understand what you’re saying about these two whose attempt to order might have been amusing in the context of a comedy sketch routine, but when it really happens it makes one extremely concerned about their well-being. Let’s hope that the condition you saw them in was exceptional, otherwise if help isn’t sought or offered soon (made even more difficult by the absence of ‘welfare state’ assistance) it sounds like lives may well be tragically foreshortened.

  3. I have to say living here in Canada we do have a lot of homeless people. You can see them everywhere in the City, many are native people or from the Far North the Inu people which is even sadder given that they are 1500 km from home. Most cities in Canada do have shelters and soup kitchen and many churches are involved with the inner city poor. This is why I do not understand that official government stand about getting rid of homeless people are they not Citizens just like us.
    It also makes you wonder why young people would do Meth or other drugs and destroy their minds and lives in the process. There has to be another deeper problem here. BTW McDo stuff is bad for your health. LOL!

  4. It is hard to settle on a “proper” emotion for situations like that. Having had friends who struggled with addictions, I can say that they are devastating to live with – first hand and nearby as well. I’ve been in line with the clearly homeless (based on dress, hygiene, the obligatory backpack, etc.) and it’s even hard to decide then what a proper response should be when the coinage comes out. I think there are some situations where I might intervene (in a good way), but others where a hands-off stance is the best. Who knows.
    Peace ❤

  5. I have struggled with this quite a bit as well. At this point my thinking tends to go something like this: “Am I prepared to offer help to these people? If not then I should leave well enough alone.” Very occasionally I am willing to get involved, but it happens a lot less frequently than it should.

    Sadly, I think Boyfriend and Girlfriend might represent the other side of the Casa de Harper burglary. (I am not saying that they themselves are burglars, but that I could envision your burglar in a similar trapped situation.)

    I have attended some interesting (and sometimes devastating) talks that claim that addiction is related to loss — that people who have experienced trauma and loss again and again are much more likely to take up addictions. One book that explores this is In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts by Gabor Mate. I found it a worthwhile read.

  6. There are times I’d like to have the ability to, in a flash, see the choices that led a person up to that exact moment they are in. While it would be a sucky superpower, it would be interesting way to chronicle cultures.

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