10 comments on “Weekend Entertainment

  1. Baroque Opera is not for every taste. We have seen quite a few including Giulio Cesare. Daniels and Dessay are both excellent singers. Enjoy.

    • Thanks for your comment. I’ve seen both Daniels and Dessay before, both on the Live in HD and in person. I think I first became aware of Ms. Dessay when I saw her in another Handel piece, Alcina, at the Lyric Opera in Chicago. Since then I have become a big fan. I also got to see her in La Traviata at Santa Fe a couple years ago.

      I first became aware of David Daniels through a friend who had been one of his teachers. They recorded an CD together in 2005 and I have been fortunate enough to hear him in person a couple of times since.

  2. I have a friend named david daniels, but he is not an opera singer. he IS a wonderful chef and an excellent knitter/weaver/spinner/dyer/leatherworker/woodworker/photographer!

    “franz liszt? never hoid o him, wrong number!” – bugs bunny, “rhapsody rabbit”. hungarian symphony #2 is a fave of mine.

    have a nice weekend! 🙂

  3. Liszt and Wagner would have both been considered Romantic-style composers.

    Liszt also composed a few organ works. I’ve put a link to a video clip below. This clip shows Dame Gillian Weir performing one of Lizst’s more famous works, “Prelude and Fugue on BACH.” Dame Gillian is one of the finest organists out there. I heard her perform live a few years ago.


  4. I’ll have to get a hold of a recording of this opera. I’ve always been a fan of castrati/haute-contre voices since I often was handed “trouser role” and castrati parts to learn given my low female vocal range.

    And if you want “All Satan, All the Time”, just turn on any network or cable news show….. 8-P

    Enjoy the show!

    • I’ve learned a new term; “haute-contre”. Thanks.

      Since the Met is simulcasting this production it will be available on DVD soon. It might be available for Netflix or your local library.

      Thanks for your comment.

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  5. I know the ‘Dante Symphony’ a little, but the same composer’s ‘Faust Symphony’ much better. So if the former has whet your appetite and you want something else to get your teeth into, look no further.

    I’ve just commented on Dr Spo’s blog both about Dante and the ‘Giulio Cesare’, the latter being relayed from the Met on radio here this afternoon. Your little excerpt provides a bit of a taster, but it’s an opera I love anyway. (Yes, this production does look very G & S, doesn’t it?) It must take some visual getting used to, to witness that falsetto voice emanating from Daniels’ bear of a figure – and even moreso with that tantalising glimpse of chest fuzz. Four hours might be a bit of an endurance test, but it’s small sacrifice for such glorious ‘tunes’ – and with such a glorious cast to boot! Have a MAH-vellous time!

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