14 comments on “Where Can I Put This Box?

  1. Only $5 million. Given laws on transporting more than $10,000. dllrs one wonders how he will get his box to you. I never heard of an 82sd airborne regiment in H.M. Army. I also wonder why he did not qualify for Sandhurst, strange don’t you think. Bob or Bobby is so not British as a name. I wonder if you could find him on FB. Who knows. All said and done his grammar is pretty poor for a Brit. and an Officer at that? No I think this is a fraud.

    • You think? 🙂

      I did not know that there was no 82nd Airborne in H.M. Army but I was pretty sure that Airborne was one word not two. Seems like some in the unit might know that.

      I posted about this because I thought I could make it funny. I certainly chucked writing it. The biggest mystery to me is how it made it past the spam filters to my Inbox.

      • The emails I get, that also make it past my spam filters, are ones that has someone dying of terminal illness, they want to leave me their $5 to $7 million dollars. I just have to email their lawyer and he will give the instructions on how to receive this windfall.

  2. what a scam! as bad as the nigerian prince wanting to send me untold riches worth millions! yeah, right, and I’m the queen of de nial. up yours, princey (and boby wood)!

    PS – heh heh heh, “wood”. 😉

  3. Poor Booby….er, Boby…..another tragic victim of the worldwide b shortage due to “b” colonies collapsing.
    Please post a pic of the money and, more importantly, the box after you have preformed a “McGyver” makeover on it. I seem to recall on “another blog” recently that Casa Harper could use additional libation storage. Who knows? If you transform it into something Mahvelous you can get big bucks for it on Regretsy!

  4. I’m surprised, the Nigerian Scam seems to be slipping what with the “Boby” and a UK soldier graduating from West Point. Ah, but you have to give that Nigerian credit, he knows there are still fools in the world who want to believe in unsolicited riches landing in their greedy laps and he will take advantage. Throw out a net big enough and you will gather some fish, P.T. Barnum knew that truth over a hundred years ago and I daresay this fact has always been a law of nature. Retired in Delaware

  5. I hope you weren’t late with your reply. And while you’re writing those checks to cover the taxes and shipping and transfers fees, send me one, too! HAHAHAHAHA

    Peace ❤

  6. In your next post, please copy us your reply to Boby. It should make fascinating reading as you explain why it is such an honor for you to receive his box, and why you must have it as a keepsake after he has removed his money. I suggest that you leave the chimes crying out the hour on the ship’s clock, whilst he is a guest in your guest bedroom. A little sleep deprivation might help since he has not had enough in Whicheverstan.


  7. There was a time when I’d have called some of these comments cynical, but just this past week I discovered that not everything you read on the Internet is true. I’m coping.

    • I’m pretty sure everything on the internet is true. I read that somewhere. Well I didn’t read it but someone told me they read it. I think it was my wife; Morgan Fairchild. Yes, I’m sure that’s it.

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