15 comments on “Happy Mothers’ Day

  1. Very well put.
    We all do the best we can with our imperfect selves.
    Your mom sounds like someone I would have liked to have known. Anyone who can laugh at themselves and
    life is ok in my book.

  2. A poignant and moving post, H.K. – well articulated and easy to read. In fact, under your particular circumstances I doubt if it could be improved on, doing total justice to your mum.

  3. What a beautiful tribute and honest post. It’s good when time can soften the memories and enable us to forgive or better understand our families.

  4. As gay men, we often ask “What if’s?” I wonder about your mom’s what if she had gone ahead and married her beau after getting the divorce from your father. Even your life would have been different with a stepfather in your family. But often our lives turn out just how they turn out. So be it.


  5. My mother never remarried after my father died when I was 11 years old. She dated occasionally, but seemed to think her responsibility in raising my brother and I was more important than her getting married again, so I never had a stepfather either.


  6. That was very beautiful, Shannon was always proud of the man you became. She is very greatly missed.

  7. A very touching and inspirational account of your relationship with your mother. From the little I know of you, I think she did a fine job raising a wonderful and caring son. I am sure she was proud of you.
    Retired in Delaware

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