7 comments on “Theater Plus

  1. We go to the Great Canadian Theatre Company known as GCTC for short and they do have different plays on themes. One play we saw was called Carmen’s Blue Box, had no idea what that meant, until the play started. We were told by the usher who took our ticket that there would be ”some” offensive language, I laugh, when the play started I was not laughing anymore. Carmen’s Blue box was about Carmen’s Cunt and this is the way it was presented to the audience. Shocked indued, the average age at GCTC of the audience is 65+ it was all a little too graphic for us. Oh well we are use to polite company, hence our going to Salzburg. LOL!!!

  2. Sounds like great fun! I love it when the play involves the audience, and the whole theatre, and this plot sounds fabulous. I’ll have to watch for it at one of our many rep theatres in town.
    Peace ❤

  3. Sounds like one where ear-plugs are strongly advised.
    In this kind of show I’d be wary about the cast coming down to mingle with the audience and to sit on the laps of the male members (if you know what I mean), as happened to me once during a ‘Rocky Horror’ (it was more than ‘time’ that got ‘warped’!) But sounds like you got through it unscathed, otherwise you’d certainly have told us.

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