5 comments on “Dorothy Richardson Was Wrong

  1. You know your friend Dorothy looks like a slut, am sorry but please women like that are notorious for loose living under respectable looks. As for the other fellow he looks like one of those high priest of Onanism. Don’t you agree?

  2. All this time, I thought it was called “daydreaming,” which I do a lot of. I’ve never had an interior monologue, and my consciousness rarely streams down the river.


  3. Also, I must admit, that on your blog and other wordpress blogs, that I like NOT having to prove that I am a robot or an idiot. I’ve certainly never been a robot, or an id…..idjit!


    • I’d noticed that sometimes that verification step was missing but had not made the connection that it was a wordpress vs blogspot difference.

      The volume of comment on my blog is low but I’ve never had a spam comment that wasn’t caught by the WordPress spam filter. Spo gets a larger volume of comments over longer time and says his experience us the same.

  4. My mind doesn’t follow a stream of consciousness so much as jump around quickly like a hummingbird in a flower garden. I am still trying to recall the name of the Dickens character who talked in a stream of consciousness, arguably (for me) the first ‘stream of consciousnes’ character in English literature.

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