9 comments on “Random Thoughts on a Saturday Afternoon

  1. hohoho
    In the movie version of my life I want Mr. Downey Jr. to play Urs Truly. Ms. McKennitt can produce the soundtrack, and we will get Mr. DiCaprio to play yourself. I prefer Mr. Howard to Mr. Luhrman, unless the later is medicated with Adderall.
    Title: “Diary of a Mad Housewife II”

    • Well if we are voting on this one like at the Oscars, I suggest Francois Sagat in your role and James Jamesson as the faithful companion. They are such big stars and would certainly bring home the bacon, I mean the Oscars.

  2. first off, I love the new blog pic; it is so YOU!

    I had my air conditioner guy in here last friday; $500 later the air conditioner works fine. and no crack to look at (dammit).

    I know why the hooters duck floats to the top – life preservers, 2 of them (just sayin’).

    good mend on the footed ceramic cup!

    YEAH BABY YEAH – tom hanks as spo!

  3. The HVAC man came for his annual cleaning visit, but does not excite me. On the other hand, the yard man is a hunk, but his assistant is too much of a twink for me. Just saying.

    Sorry, Tom Hanks IMHO, is not manly enough to be the good Dr. Spo. Now DiCaprio would make a nice Someone.


  4. I live in a condo in a mid rise building. When something mechanical goes awry I just call the super…………….

  5. Well I think you should have made a pitcher of Martinis and hope that the Dr. guy gave you a nice massage to say thank you for all the trouble of supervising the workers.

  6. “Separate but equal” is an oxymoron. Recently, during the Delaware legislature hearings on marriage equality, the opponents of same sex marriage who pushing the “separate but equal” argument in saying that the civil unions “were the same as marriage” but “why do YOU GAYS have to use the word “marriage.” Morons. 🙂

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