14 comments on “Harper Calls the Cops

  1. you see if you hired me as your butler I could have had the cocktails and munchies ready (oyster on the half shelf) for the nice frat porn boyz. I mean the nice officers. I could given them massages they must be so stressed from all the police work and a nice swim in the buff in your pool.

    • I don’t know about Someone but I am ready to hire you. There will be a probation period to see if you live up to expectations and aren’t crackers.

  2. I love Harper and Harper stories. And I agree with you about the police…The one who arrested me last summer was very nice….I am thinking of ways to run into him again.

  3. Neat story, with a happy ending!

    Have the alarm company check that motion detector, most modern ones can be set to not respond to smaller objects like dogs of Harper’s size. Of course, you MUST convince her that parties while daddies are away is a no-no!

    Peace ❤

  4. I’m glad everything turned out to be ok. And it’s always very nice to make friends with the local police!
    Make a fuss with the alarm company though. That’s so unprofessional!

  5. A classic case of ‘learning by experience’. Can well appreciate your jumpiness at getting that call, in view of times past. Sorry it had to disrupt your enjoyment in such a major way.

    Wonder which Prokofiev it was. If it had been #5 (or even #7) I would have been doubly mad.

    Btw: I first became aware of that Nico Muhly when he had a glorious beard – and I thought “Mmmmm. Wow! Yeah!”. Then he shaved it off……..

    • It was Prokofiev #5. 😦

      The Met is doing Muhly’s opera “Two Boys” in the fall. Maybe he was scrubbing up for all the NY media attention. The opera was a joint production of the Met and the English National Opera. ENO premiered it in 2011. Unfortunately it is not one that is simulcast so I won’t get to see it.

      • Damn! Number 5!What a bummer!

        Mr Muhly appeared like a comet and he’s still burning brightly. It was interesting to read about him talking of his life in an interview he gave to one of our more liberal-minded newspapers a few weeks ago. But musically, he’s surely a talent to be watched.

  6. if it’s any consolation, our cat, Sophie, has untied the security wires (twice!) when no one was home, setting off the alarm (twice!) and bringing the cops.

  7. There’s been some real isues with ADT here in the Houston area.
    I don’t know. Harper looks like a guilty teenager to me but…

  8. I’m glad it wasn’t serious this time. Maybe you could have a DVR video camera installed in the main area just in case, so you can scroll back through and see what happens.

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