15 comments on “I Stand Corrected

  1. I can’t get out of my head that she’s STILL trying to shake off the demure, maidenish, Merchant-Ivory ‘Room with a View’ look that she’s been saddled with, for going on 30 years now, rather like Julie Andrews trying (and failing) to garbage ‘Maria’. She seems to be trying too hard to do something that she’s just doesn’t look convincing playing – or maybe the fault is in the way I’m seeing her?

  2. She’s just a spoiled little rich girl. I get tired of that look. I want to be surprised sometime. It didn’t help she hooked up with Tim Burton. But still, A Room With A View is one of my favorite movies.

  3. Being regionally Southern, and of a certain age, I had no problem, but — and maybe I’m very mistaken here — is Mrs. Belle Watling instantly recognizable to most?

    Having seen GWTW probably as many times (probably not) as Ted Turner, one of my very favorite gems tucked away in the movie is the meeting between Belle Watling and Melanie Wilkes in the carriage. There she (Belle) is, talking along, and abruptly she hauls a power puff out of her bag, and starts pouncing her breast with it. Never gets old. Aside from that comic detail, it’s really a very tender scene.

    • I’m sure there are many that can hear; “I ain’t never seen hair that color before. Do you know a dyed haired woman?” without a smile of recognition. They might not understand the reference. Oh well;… I’m glad you did.

      Belle was the first image that popped into my mind. I briefly considered ‘Miss Kitty’ as an alternative but I couldn’t find a pic where the color and pose matched up as well.

      At the risk of sounding selfish, as I approach my first anniversary of blogging. I’ve learned that, sometimes, it is just about amusing myself and hoping someone else comes along for the ride. I guess this was one of those posts.

  4. My question, “is Mrs. Belle Watling instantly recognizable to most?” was a [personal] reality check, not a scolding for an obscure [maybe] reference. Scoldin’ wouldn’t have been fittin’ 😉

  5. She looks beautiful in her latest role playing Elizabeth Taylor. In the photo/promo, I think in USA Today, she was stunning. I need to Google it as I think about it. I think it might be a film on the BBC?

    • She does indeed! Thanks for the heads up on this. I had not heard about it. It is a television production (BBC4) and sound like reviews are positive. I wonder how soon it will be available on DVD or BBC America.

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