10 comments on “The Dante Code

    • Toward the end of the book they ‘take it on the road’ a little but mostly it is Florence. I think the formula requires it be a city that has a number of well-known monuments. Paris for DaVinci, Rome for Angels & Demons and Washington DC for the Last Symbol.

  1. I started it on Saturday and finished it on Sunday. Of course, everything else was put on hole. I enjoyed it but it was problematic in that I kept envisioning Tom Hanks all through it and he is not one of my favorites. As to the story you are correct very predictable right up until the end and I really think that we do need to address the major problem behind the book but it (like global warming) is something we do not want to face up to. Alas.

  2. More power to you. I think I’m the only person who coudn’t make it through the DaVinci code and some of those chapters were a page long. I made it to p.104 before I realized I just could have cared less about the subject or his writing style.

    • Individual tastes. DaVinci was the first of his books I read and i liked it. I never took it seriously and still can’t understand all the controversy. The church was picketing bookstores and later movie theaters denouncing a work of fiction for being untrue?? I enjoyed the read but can’t see any reason why it is one of the best selling books of all time. Very well managed hype I guess.

  3. I’ve read ‘Da V’., ‘Angels’ & ‘Symbol’ (with ‘Digital Fortress’ here in the ‘to-be-read’ box) and will no doubt get round to ‘inferno’. Ever since Da V. came out it’s been fashionable to diss Dan Brown, though, like you, I do find he does make for a compelling read. Your parallel with Lloyd Webber is a perceptive one. Brown is likewise someone whom many of us secretly like but are often too afraid of censure by expressly saying so.
    Sounds like ‘Inferno’ will be every bit as frustrating as his previous efforts in leaving the reader to decide what is reality and what is (mischievous?) fantasy, something most of us are too inexpert to do satisfactorily – though from what you say his ‘formula’ may be starting to wear thin.

  4. He does a good job with “The Quest”, one of the seven universal stories. Bottom line – The Da Vinci Code was a page turner – a high mark indeed for a book. I need to get through Symbols before I do The Inferno.

  5. I have only read Angels and Demons and the Da Vinci Code. I liked Angels and Demons and found the formula writing you are talking about in the Da Vinci Code. I have Symbols but it is collecting dust right now in the guest room. I hate Tom Hanks.

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