5 comments on “Yesterday was Yesterday Once More

  1. With so many different types of ‘disco’ music that came out in the seventies, it was a shame that the Bee Gees became synonymous with disco. When I was going to the ‘club’ for lack of better phrase, the go too disco song that had everyone dancing, no matter young or old, was YMCA by The Village People.

  2. re: Ring My Bell: Offering to put away the dishes before the hanky-panky starts is kind of hot.

    Incidentally, I have a tragically non-ironic fondness for 70s disco. I think I was born in the wrong decade. (but if I had been born in the right decade I would likely be dead now, so there’s that. Win/win?)

  3. Thanks for the memories (I think) – the one thing I miss the most about being of an “advanced age” is not dancing..

  4. You appear to be “a man of a certain age” 😉

    I recall a summer job at a movie theater that featured The Jungle Book and whatever the movie was that featured Ms Sommer’s Last Dance as the theme – three shows a night, six nights a week for two and a half months. Fortunately Ms Sommer’s talents were enough to transcend that and in the past I have used her music to work on the rowing or “erg” machines.

    Your reaction and Anne Marie’s recommendations are right on point. Ethnomusicologists at the time analyzed disco music and calculated the beats per minute (BPM). It was made to make you dance!Although the dance moves were derived from swing or twostep, they were modified in response to the higher BPM.

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