11 comments on “But It’s a Dry Heat

  1. Sorry NO pity for you. It’s 55F and raining here in Ottawa. I do no know when the weather will warm up. I would much prefer to sit by that olympic size pool of yours with Pablo your pool boy mixing drinks. BTW how are the tomatoes doing? P.S. Dry heat is good for my asthma, can I spend the winter at your place I do not really like Florida and you know a lot about the Theatre etc.. perfect spot for me at Harper’s B&B.

    • You’re certainly welcome though I’ll warn you, it’s been a couple of generations since people could come to Phx for their lungs. Air quality is dreadful; 3rd worst air quality in the States.

  2. I’ve visited Phoenix only once, and that, just in the movie theatre (‘Psycho’). I’ve [actually] been to Tucson twice. Is there any way to say this – I don’t think so – without sounding unmannerly and schoolmarmish: I don’t get it. Mille scuse, but modern man cannot thrive in 110° temperatures. Help me out here.

  3. I drove through there once and stopped and visited friends. I’m sorry but I will not come again in the summer unless I have to come and get Miles because it is not healthy for him. I worry about him. You not so much as you are acclimated.. Stay cool. And give Harper hugz,

  4. Have you been putting ice cubes on Spo’s tomato plants daily like I suggested? And have any blossoms set fruit yet?

    Give Harper some ice cubes to lick and eat as well. My dog, MoJo, loves to crunch ice cubes!


    • Not sure whether he’s been doing the ice. I’ve been hosing down the wall behind the garden because I read it reduces the heat that radiates from the brick.

      Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll check on status of fruit.

      Harper won’t eat ice but I put cubes in her dish.

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  5. 112 degrees? 😦 I just can’t imagine living with that. As I probably said once before, once when we lived in PA the temps reached 102 (and it was “dry heat”) – I thought I died and went to hell. All the roads were deserted. 112 degrees? No way Jose.

    • Yes. But I remember feeling the same way about -20* wind chills (or temps!) along Lake Michigan. Every place has its baggage. This is just the time of year. When Phoenicians bitch about heat.

  6. Wherein lies my retirement dilemma. My better half could and prefers as hot as he can find of a climate to live in. Me? I grew up in the South but never adjusted to the heat. I prefer a cold climate. My idea is a home in the warmth belt and a summer cottage in Maine or Alaska or the Arctic circle.
    Better half is not buying it, literally!

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