9 comments on “Bachelor Weekend

  1. Gee bachelor weekend sounds like a movie with Doris Day. Is that you in the photo with Auntie Mame. I figure the way the Spo fellaw goes on about your place that Auntie Mame lives with you.

  2. Happened upon ‘Legally Blonde’ ourselves Friday evening, though I don’t believe we can claim double digits yet. Don’t know precisely why, but there was a time when almost every broadcast I’d run across of ‘Working Girl’ — even in-progress — I’d end up watching. Joan Cusack delivering lines like “Six thousand dollars! It’s not even leather!” — that must be it.

    Idina Menzel: a force of nature. Opportunity to see her? There’s a good reason to live in Phoenix;-)

  3. I think its healthy for couples to occasionally spend a weekend apart. It gives them an opportunity to spend time with friends who are mutual, or participate in acitivities (films, concerts, art walks) that aren’t mutually enjoyed. Glad you had fun (so far) with yours. 🙂

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