9 comments on “Ankle Deep In the Stream of Consciousness

  1. I was just reading today about how mountain lions (cougars, pumas, etc.) were showing themselves more frequently. Lucky you and Harper to have seen one and to have escaped.

  2. O.M.G. Ron’s posting about snakes, and you’re posting about mountain lions! I WANT TO SEE A MOUNTAIN LION IN THE WILD! PUH-LEASE fly me out there so I can take pictures!

    Peace ❤

  3. “running-away-while-screaming-like-a-little-girl was the best part of valor,” – sounds like something I’ve resisted doing on occasion 🙂 – I saw NPH and that fabulous opening number – you’re right it was the best I’ve ever seen, perfect! Now why can’t the Academy Awards do something like that? Do you remember the Rob Lowe “Snow White” opening number. I slithered down in my seat when I saw that “WTF?” production. Happy birthday to your mom.

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