11 comments on “Holes

      • In my neck of the redneck woods, it is called “roadkill.”

        In my lawn, there are raised tunnels in the grass, where the moles have been active. Very soon I think, my resident squirrel will be installing a zip line to my bird feeder from the live oak tree!

  1. No better than tree rats (squirrels) and damn near as destructive. Cute? Sure as heck are. Do I want them around? Nope, and thankfully I saw a red tailed hawk in the neighborhood the other night. I’m going to leave some meat out for it so it’ll move into my yard and keep the rodentia population down!

    Peace ❤

  2. I used to think the little critters were cute to until they started to take over my Mom’s property in Pennsylvania. However, I did feel bad when her cats began a little populatin control program of their own. My Mom’s one cat Rusty was forever dragging half dead chipmunks to her back door as “trophy payments” for his keep. The poor things weren’t even dead. Thank goodness we don’t have a chipmunk problem here in Delaware. However, we do have a bit of a rabbit problem. We’re waiting for the local fox residents to begin their own population control program. At leat they won’t be dragging half dead rabbits back to our doorstep (or through our garage which is the way you get into Casa Tipton-Kelly). Cute new profile picture guy. You really are sort of cute you know. 🙂

  3. That next to last line should have read….”I think we are living on burrowed time.”

    You can name then Chip OR Dale, they are still a nuisance!
    Chips and squirrels too. On the bright side, we have been experiencing a rash of squirrels suicides in our neighborhood. 3 squirrel went to Davy Jone’s locker last week in our pool. I shed not a tear….

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