15 comments on “Coquette

  1. Miss Molly was in that position on the couch when I woke up (at 11:30) this morning. Harlots both of them..

    • Btw: As an afterthought, I strongly advise you NOT to take up the offer. There’s just no knowing WHAT it might lead to!

  2. I am continually amazed that dogs can find those positions comfortable. What is the male version of a coquette, mine does the same thing? 🙂

  3. I don’t mean to be impertinent but if that’s your idea of lighthearted flirting I shudder to think what you consider blatant invitation.

    • I heard once that there was a spectrum. On one end was batting ones eyes suggestively. On the other was walking down the street with a mattress on ones back yelling; “curb service”.

      I think Harper is trying for some where in the middle.

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