20 comments on “Scary… and More-Than-A-Little Embarrassing

  1. LOL. Around here it’s been the seven plagues – moths, spiders, roaches, mice. I’m wondering what the hell will be next. The weather has been really odd – we slammed into summer with three heat waves in a matter of two weeks.

    I’ve got the roach traps coming, the mouse traps are all baited. But how the hell do I get rid of the spiders and moths?

  2. Scorpions fried on a stick a children’s treat in China, I kid you not! Makes for a good story at a local bar with friends of Dorothy.

  3. I do not even like the thought of these creatures. Now I shall have another reason for a nightmare tonight… First reason was the copperhead snake in the movie I saw this afternoon. (The Kings of Summer – Recommend it over scorpions any day.)

  4. You had me going for a minute there: I thought you and Harper’s Other Dad had adopted a second dog. But you haven’t had a 26th anniversary yet, and also it isn’t the end of January.

    • Shhhh!
      Periodically I will hear this little voice (that sounds like Harper’s Other Dad) pretending to come from Harper saying; “we want a little sister”.
      My knee-jerk response is; “we hate little sisters!”

  5. Ack – in the Southeast we don’t have those critters in the numbers that you fellas do, and I’ve only seen one or two in my few decades here. I think this would have freaked me out big time.

  6. Oh HELL no!!!

    This will be my reply in the future should anyone ask me to visit Phoenix.

    And now I can’t decide of the two, whether monkeys or scorpions flying outta one’s butt is a better scenario…..

  7. OH.MY.GOD! If I pulled out a scorpion (regardless of the fact that my astrological sign is Scorpio, I do not want a scorpion in my pants) you would have heard my scream (and I don’t scream) from coast to coast. And by the way, what is your wallet doing on top of your washing machine. Didn’t you just have an INCIDENT with that? Habits my friend, habits. Might be time to reexamine habits. 😦

    • Ha! The washer is a new habit. The burglar got it from the kitchen/family room counter-top. Actually I wish I could say I even considered it. It was on the washer because I was emptying my pockets before laundry.

      • Since your “incident”, I never leave our garage door open, if I’m more tan 30 feet from the house which includes trips to our neighbor’s house.

  8. The only scorpions I have ever seen were in Miami in an old house we were renting. One of them — large and black — was in the kitchen and ran behind the stove before I could kill it. The other was a smaller brown one on the bathroom floor. I lived in the area for 22 years years and those two within a month or two of each other were the only ones I ever saw. Thank goodness, the house in Coral Gables that we bought did not have any.

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