9 comments on “Much Ado About Nothing

  1. We are of one mind, H.K. (You may well have seen my own review of 4 weeks ago.)
    Apart from not having noticed male pronouns referring to the Conrad ‘dramatis persona’ I have little to add. Maybe on that point, like Dr Spo, it was because I’d also been smitten by the hottie presence of Mr Denisof – most especially in his hirsuted-visage appearances. (Woof!)
    It’s an oddity of a play, isn’t it?. More than any other of the Bard’s, it takes an enormous lurch from the comedy of the first half to the serious depths of the remainder. Quite difficult to pull off convincingly but this film made as good an attempt as I’ve seen to date.

    • Thanks for your comment.

      I have not been spending much time in the blogosphere of late so I had not seen your wonderful post about MAAN. It does sound like we had many of the same perceptions. I actually liked the score but I wholeheartedly agree that any more of it would have detracted from the film.

      I enjoyed your comments about the Branagh film as well. I liked it very much. It seemed to have a golden glow about the images. The Whedon film could not be more different and yet I liked it equally well. Comparing the two is great example of why people who think Shakespeare (or anything else) should only be done in traditional forms are wrong.

  2. Well, I’ll be blowed! How did my comment of yesterday morning come to be posted here after some delay when all the indications were that it had disappeared into the ether! I’m mystified, but if this means that I am able to post on the four WordPress blogs after all then I’m as happy as a sandboy.
    Will now look at the others.

    Yes, this latest ‘Much Ado’ does indeed show that intelligent contemporary interpretations can work – at least without grating so much as to be a distraction.

    Right, let’s ‘press’ the button below and see what happens…….

    • I can explain the delay but not not its cause. Your comment found its way into my spam folder for some reason. When I flagged it as “not spam” it appeared in the comments in its proper chronological place as if it had never gone astray. I have no idea why the filter thought it was spam however.

      I’ll ask Spo to check his spam folder.

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. Thanks so much, H.K. (I’ve already replied to your e-mail.) Much relief all round – especially if the remaining two bloggers affected, whom I’ve now written to, confirm that they’ve ‘de-spammed’ me. If the same thing happens again I’ll know what to do.

  4. Famine, then feast! No posts, then many. My not-so-comfortable reaction to Shakespeare in a modern setting is both unsophisticated and involuntary, not ‘purism’ for its own sake. (Though I don’t mind ‘modern dress’ onstage.) This film is playing here in town through next week, and now I feel more motivated to give it a go. We shall see. Merci!

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