14 comments on “A Date To Remember

  1. Hey! I always liked the Billy Mays’ commercials too. That black, black beard and his enthusiasm. I was shocked that he died. I felt like I (almost) lost a friend. Anthony Sullivan is pretty hot too but he’s no Billy Mays.
    I just cannot picture Natalie Wood at 75. Diana Rigg? Yes probably because I’ve seen pictures of her now but not Natalie. I remember when I was a teenager (yes, I really was a teenager at one time) and she and Tab Hunter were on the cover of Dig magazine. Remember Dig magazine? Probably not because I’m old as the hills but it was THEE teen mag when I was a “yon teenager.” Natalie Wood, young forever.
    Another nice post. 🙂 Did you start working on your book yet? 😉

    • Sorry to say Dig was a little before my time. I always loved Natalie Wood. For some reason one of my favorites of her films was “Inside Daisy Clover”. It is actually not a great film but I liked both NW and Robert Redford in it.

      • I never saw “Inside Daisy Clover” but I’ve always liked Natalie Wood. I think she was miscast in “West Side Story” but I still liked her. She had a freshness about her that made me feel good. She wasn’t hard and brittle like so many Holllywood actresses. I was unexpectedly saddened when she died.

    • Out of the illustrious names on your list I too was going to single out Ms Rigg for extra acclaim, someone whom I’ve also followed since her ‘Mrs Peel’ days, as well as being an actress whose Shakespeare verse-speaking is just about as perfect as it’s possible to be. (I saw her twice on stage in Sondheim’s ‘Follies’.)

      …..but then I saw your (tragically late) Billy Mays, whose name I don’t know…..but phwarrrrrrrr!
      If he were around today I’d propose to him without question – though I suppose I might settle for a live-together trial period.

      • Btw: I’m sorry, Anne Marie. For some reason I was unable to post an independent comment. (Another WordPress problem, I reckon). So in order to get it shown I had to attach it as a reply to an already existing comment. Hope you don’t mind.

      • Thanks for your comment.

        I didn’t know Diana Rigg sang. If it was the production of Follies I found on Google she played “Phyllis”. Would have been wonderful to hear her sing “Could I Leave You”.

    • My sister was 5 yrs older. (She would quickly have pointed out “only 4.5”) She had a wonderful sense of humor. In good sibling fashion, we sometimes fought like cats & dogs but i still laugh out loud thinking of things that only she and I thought were funny. I chose that photo because I thought it went well with the Diana Rigg & Natalie Wood photos I was using. Unfortunately she passed away a decade ago but left behind a beautiful adult daughter, my niece, who wanders through this blog from time to time.

      RE: “That Darn Scooter”, He’s been a close friend of Harpers Other Dad for a long time. (The story of how they met is the stuff of legend; a rainy night, a dark bar, a fresh-faced, small-town artist, innocent in the ways of the big city, encounters a sophisticated Dr, of undetermined age.)They were vacationing together in Key West in 1997 and welcomed me into the warm embrace of their friendship…. one a little more so.
      TDS and his partner (of a couple of decades) are bright, accomplished, avid collectors of an eclectic mixture of things, know more about everything than I do about anything and yet never make me feel dumb. I took that photo around the turn of the century on a visit to Connecticut. The ‘thought bubble’ would be Debbie Reynolds singing “Tammy”.

  2. H.K: Re Diana Rigg – she can indeed sing, and very well too. Her song in ‘Follies’ performed in a bubble-bath (for which, she says, she really was entirely naked) was just one of several show-stoppers in that marvellous production. One of the theatrical highlights of my life!

    • In a bath? – How cool is that?! Kind of a post-modern “Gonna Wash that Man Right outa my Hair”…. well, maybe.

      (If I read it correctly,) I am surprised it took Follies so long to get to London. The first West End production was 15 yrs after NYC opening. Can that be right? I know people are afraid of doing Sondheim because his shows usually lose money that’s a long time.

      Thanks so much for your comment about DR in Follies. It prompted me to do some fun surfing. I was not familiar with Dolores Gray though, reading her bio, I should have been. She played Carlotta in that production. I found a clip of her signing “I’m Still Here”. She was wonderful. Gray was replaced in that production by Eartha Kitt. I didn’t know EK ever played the role. I found a clip from a British TV show of EK singing the song. I showed it Harper’s Other Dad. We are both fans of Ms. Kitt and are both huge fans of the song (that’s an understatement) but we agree it is best to keep them both in our hearts separately.

      • I’d thought that production had been a revival, H.K. I’d also be very surprised if it turned out to have been it’s first production in the West End, but I may have forgotten – and you may be right. My programme will still be here somewhere but buried among tons of other theatre and concert progs, for every single such experience I’ve ever had. Although Sondheim shows are generally regarded as ‘difficult’ (hence a reluctance to put them on) they have been huge successes with a discerning public in England, and don’t often lose money here.

        The appearance of Eartha Kitt in ‘Follies’ was a controversial one at the time. For reasons which are also beyond the present reach of my memory, there’d been some friction between her and Sondheim, the latter trying to block her from joining the cast. (I think it may have been something to do with her using the song ‘I’m Still Here’ in her cabaret act at a time when it had only been sanctioned for use in his musical. Or something like that. Anyway, I know that she was sneaked into ‘Follies’ one day without telling him – and she was got huge acclaim, so much so that when he found out he let her carry on.

  3. Natalie Wood said she thought the camera photographed her five pounds heavier than her actual weight. I’m pretty sure the camera photographs me five pounds heavier, too. At least five…

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