7 comments on ““….. and then a robot fights something slimy”

  1. Lol… I like your description.
    Why you went to see it is a bit beyond me though. I pan’s labyrinth and that Spanish thriller he had done with the orphanage, but I wouldn’t go to the Rim. Wolverine anyone?

  2. Among your other many talents you are an excellent movie reviewer. Your reviews are as good and probably better than any I’ve read by professionals. Sometime you’ll have to do a review of an old time movie like “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” or “Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte.” I would love to read your take on those classic movies. 🙂

  3. I’m still undecided whther to see this. And your excellent review hasn’t helped to make up my mind. It sounds like it’s all effects and very little underneath. Oh dear. Well, if I do go sounds like it ought to be for the 3D version, which means even more expense for a film I just KNOW I’m not going to rave about, let alone even like.

    Btw: It was good of you to mention ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, though I do expect a genuflection of homage to this, the greatest film made EVER. (Even if we now know that both Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke were shooting it without any idea of how to bring it to a conclusion. Still, the final cut was profound and sublime in equal measure. An unparalleled achievement!).

  4. What a waist of money was this movie! The older Godzilla movies with their ‘puppet moves’ are much better.

    • I confess it was a waste of money for me. Were I a 14 yr old boy again I might have loved it. It is loud and visual. It’s like a video game with no opportunity to score.

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