16 comments on “Now THIS is a Monsoon Day!

  1. Something you forgot, or didn’t know about from 1986, here’s Oran “Juice” Jones with “The Rain”:

    And of course the answer song around 1986/87 by Miss Thang called “Thunder and Lightning”:

    Both of which prominently feature the Roland TR-808 drum machine. Got to play with one in that time frame. Loved it, and drove my neighbors nuts.

  2. I thought you were going to say that the big splashes in the pool were hail stones. Now that pool would have been a big cocktail, with you, the olive, in it.

  3. “here comes the rain again” – the eurythmics. “here comes the rain” – the mavericks.

    did the speedo-clad cabana boy serve your drink poolside, or did you have to go in the house?

    • I had to schlep all the way into the house. I was simply exhausted. I am just a Christian martyr.

      I thought of the Eurythmics song. The Mavericks song was new to me but there again. It’s not celebratory. The rain is coming because his woman done left him and he’s so sad

  4. Hey, some great toons here. Who can tire of the ‘Weather Girls’ with their anthem for us fantasisers?
    (I suppose ‘Singing in the Rain’ was just TOO obvious?)

    Tomorrow is forecast to be our turn to be dancing the ‘Donner und Blitzen’ polka (with refreshingly welcome deluge accompaniment) – after today, due to be the hottest day of the year so far, if not for YEARS, with temps topping 90F in parts. Modest by your standards, I know, but jolly exceptional for us.

  5. Wow. With all those “video comments,” I couldn’t figure out where to leave my run-of-the-mill typed one. I’ve never been in Arizona for a monsoon. Amazing. And I loved the Weather Girls. Hope it’s a hot and delicious rain!

  6. Whenever I hear the Weather Girls “It’s Raining Men” I think of that summer day in 1982 whilst I was vacationing at that Gay Disneyland playground in Provincetown, Mass. The setting was the daily afternoon T-Dance at the Boatslip and the skies opened up and a deluge (a regular “Denise Deluge) came down upon us gay men getting our groove down to the DJ mix. Just as the skies opened the song “It’s Raining Men” came on. The spontaneous cheer that went up from that gaggle (is that what you call a group of gay men at a T-Dance?) was truly something to behold. I have never heard anything like that before or since. The feeling was one of total hedonistic abandonment. WE DIDN’T CARE THAT IT WAS RAINING BECAUSE IT WAS RAINING MEN! The real thunder that accompanied the thunder on the record put chills down your back. Talk about being on a natural high. BEST FEELING EVER. 🙂

  7. WAY too much rain here…can I send you some? My ark actually floated last night! Where were all the men in pairs to fill it up?
    Peace ❤

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