14 comments on “I Love Bob

  1. Gee Bob has nothing on me, I know where you live I even have a satellite photo shot street house and all and I can zoom in. But I probably told you too much already, never mind it is all for your safety and your best interest.

  2. Perchance does “Bob” work for Comcast? If so, be forewarned. Even as I type this warning, a representative from Comcast may call or send me an e-mail chastising me for warning you, which they have done in the past. I hope I’m wrong but I think you just walked yourself into the Lion’s Den.

    • You see Ron, I do not have a TV so I save myself the hassle, I do not lock my door either, so no security people. Keep life simple.

      • We are not as TV-driven as some we know. Our television doesn’t cover an entire wall and we only have one of them.

        We used to only lock the house when we left but after recent events, the exterior doors stay locked unless we are actually walking through them.

    • Well that is both ominous and oblique. The quick answer is; no, Comcast is not our provider. I don’t think they’re in this market area. There were our cable TV provider when we lived in Michigan. I think we were happy with them. At least I don’t recall any issues.

      In any case, not sure why any corporate types would contact or chastise me. I didn’t identify any company by name. Also, the message of the post was I had a good experience with their rep, added services to our current bundle and are considering expanding our relationship with them further still. They can send me a thank-you note and a coupon for something if they want.

      Am I missing something? I am still kind of a blogging newbie.

      • I have found that anytime I say anything negative about Comcast I receive an immediate comment from one of their representatives. Unfortunately I have to use them for Internet service which is twice the cost ($72.00) that I paid for Verizon DSL. Verizon was Rey unstable though and I can’t get FIOS so I have no choice but to use Comcast. However I do have a choice with my TV provider and I use DirecTV which is vastly superior in ease of use , cost and customer service. Now I await Comcast’s comment to this comment.

      • Yikes. Their PR team must be aggressive about monitoring their search engine results. I guess they have as much right as anyone else to comment in a post. Hopefully they aren’t too intimidating about it.

  3. I can’t even write a coherent comment about this.

    dhasdfgan0asdfv aasdoih sdoh78u78uzdsf sdhsadhwerkrffg sdj;dsfklgfhjdfglkdh

    That’s what I think about ALL cable/telco companies these days!
    Peace ❤

  4. Cable companies KNOW they’ve got you by the balls – so they create these ‘bundles’ just to snow you. Cox is famous for this. I had been paying $160 a month for net and Advanced TV. So I called the first time and asked the rep if there was any way to lower that monthly amount. Her suggestion was to ADD phone service for $9.99. I called again a few months later – got the triple for $139 a month with Starz for free those months.

    At some point though I’m going to kick them to the curb. Why? I don’t use the phone service at all. And the TV service is still too expensive. But they know there’s very little competition for their services.

    We need REGULATION on the cable providers, National REGULATION via the FCC. That way we can try to set things right.

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