9 comments on “Boys’ Weekend

  1. “we can fly so high
    I never wanna die
    BORN TO BE WIIIIIIILD” (my personal theme song, btw)

    you MUST bring home a tall tale (tail) or two. ron will be so jealous of your cowboy attire. just behave yourself; don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! 😉

    • It is! And yet fascinating. I really enjoyed the Bird Cage. What surprised me most was that cost to spend ones time with one of the working girls was $25… in the 1880’s….that was a whole lot of money!

  2. God, I do love a road trip! I am sure you will have an excellent time! Don’t worry about Harper and her other Dad, we’ve all volunteered to take good care of them via blog-remote-control!

    Peace ❤

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