10 comments on “Tombstone, AZ

    • It was a great day there. I wish the weather had been more cooperative. Between the rain and it being off-season there was almost no one there. I think the really touristy stuff like the gun flight re-enactment might be fun if there was a crowd

  1. Now why weren’t we given a history lesson like this at school? The only piece of American history we were taught was the American War of Independence – from the British angle, of course – and even that only as a footnote to George III’s reign.

    • I learned a fair bit of history on this short trip. There is a fascinating backstory to the gunfight and it’s aftermath. I don’t recall learning about the Union vs. Confederacy element in school. There is also whole ‘federalism’ element to its aftermath. At one point a posse led by the County Sheriff was chasing the posse led by the U.S. Marshal. This resonates strongly since we currently have a County Sheriff (a couple counties west of Tombstone) who is constantly at war with the Federal Justice Department and F.B.I. Six months after the gunfight the Marshals who’d killed the outlaws in the corral had all been killed or chased out of the Arizona territory.

      I also learned an amazing story that I should have been taught as part of the history of organized labor in the U.S. Coming soon in a future post.

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