4 comments on “Bisbee Redux

  1. The word ‘docent’ had me reaching for the dictionary – but otherwise an admirable resume of the situation – none of which I knew (naturally!).
    From this geographical perspective I always get the impression that Trade Union leaders, or ANYONE trying to further (or just protect), the rights of workers, are often viewed as some of the most pernicious ‘bogeymen’ of American life – particularly by those on the right, of course. I don’t know if that’s a fair assessment, but whether true or not, it must be an almighty uphill struggle against the forces of influential wealth, with all the power at the latter’s disposal, to make even the slightest headway in that area. (I write this as a one-time departmental Trade Union representative, knowing first-hand how tough that could be – and that was only in a Britain not nearly as antagonistic to workers’ rights as I feel is still pervasive in large parts of the U.S.)

    • Is docent not a term used in museums there? That’s interesting.

      You are not wrong in your impression of Americans’ view of unions. To a degree it is class driven but anything involving any type of collectivism is viewed with suspicion. “Big Labor” is certainly as divisive a force in American politics as “Big Business” but it’s too easy for many to forget that unions really were the single biggest contributor to the creation of the middle class in this country.

    • Food for thought indeed!. I read an article that made a case for drawing a pretty direct line from the union deportations to the internment of the Japanese Americans n WWII.

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