16 comments on “A Dilemma of Etiquette

  1. So glad you had house guests! When renting an apartment in Marina del Rey (L.A.), I headed out in a pair of gym shorts at midnight to take out the trash. Oops. No key. After an hour of walking the apartment complex, I found someone to call a locksmith. Sadly, no one paid any attention to me out on the street!

    • I’m not sure you’d necessarily want the kind of attention a half dressed young man in a parking lot at midnight might attract…. but I guess it always nice to be asked 🙂

  2. Cute story. Coincidentally just last week I considered the possibility of our garage door opener malfunctioning. How would I get in when I return from work at 11:30 pm? Bill is ensconced in his basement bedroom, fan on and impossible to hear me ringing the doorbell. We never go through the front door (who does?) I check the “monkey” key on my pocket keys and find it fits the basement door. I try the outside entrance to the basement and it works! But, I can’t open the door! I go through the garage to the basement and see Bill has a small step ladder wedged against the door handle. The next morning I tell Bill of my Test Run. I asked him “what’s with the step ladder against the door handle?” He says” That’s to prevent anyone from coming through the basement door.” Ummmm….I ask “How about if I want to get in?” He says “Go through the garage.” I say “What if the garage door opener doesn’t work?” He says “Go through the front door.” I say “But no one every goes through the front door. Besides there is a storm door and I don’t have a key for it.” Your post just reminded me that I have unfinished business with the locked doors. Tomorrow I ask Bill “How do I open the storm door?” Update tomorrow and thanks for the reminder. 🙂


    Too cool, Someone!!!! I’ve been locked out. By ghosts. So I couldn’t even text anyone. Texting didn’t exist back then anyway and pounding on the door did NOT rouse the ghosts to help me!

    I’m sure Harper didn’t care, did she? Extra time to chase lizards and loll in the sun!

    Peace ❤

  4. Just one key opens all three doors to the outside! If I can’t get in one of them, I have two more to try. However, to get in the back door, I have to go through the fenced-in backyard. Luckily, the gate has a combination lock on it. Hope I am not too senile to remember the combination!

    • Same key for both doors doors here but “back” is access through garage. That would have required tying Harper to a tree and climbing over a 6’wall. That was plan B.

  5. Some of my friends have a keypad on the outside of the garage door which will open the garage door for them when a code is keyed in. I have thought of that but generally just leave the front door open….waiting for someone to come in and rescue me. No walkies for Harper in the mornings. Molly does not approve.

  6. I remember accidentally locking myself out a few times. Unfortunately, no guests to help, I usually ended up crawling through the window. Once, which did not make my mother happy, I had to break the back door window to be able to unlock the door. She invested in the plexiglass to prevent that happening in the future.

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