6 comments on “Travel Prep

  1. Looks like from your map that it would have been easier to fly to Buffalo instead of Detroit being nearer to your destination and less driving. I have flown in and out of Detroit many times, but never Buffalo. Their airport is probably small, and tickets cost more. I have never flown to Toronto, though I have driven to it via Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

    • I think over the years we’ve tried all the variations. We’ve flown to Toronto but, for some reason, it is always prohibitively expensive. Perhaps because it is “international”?

      We used to fly into Detroit, go first to Stratford, then Toronto, then Niagara and fly home from Buffalo but several of the major car rental places stopped allowing one way rentals from Detroit to Buffalo and the ones that allow it are very expensive.

      So we drive across to Niagara and work our way back to Detroit. It adds about 4 hrs of driving (over the whole week) to the trip but saves us several hundred dollars in car rental fees. The reverse would work too but there are few (if any) non-stops PHX to BUF. Also Harper’s Other Dad’s family lives near Detroit so we can sneak in a short visit on the way home.

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