9 comments on “Turbulence

  1. “crying like a little girl” – had to smile at that one. I haven’t had that many flights but one was turbulent….no fun that. Felt like the plane was flying through rocks. I thought clouds were supposed to be soft. :

  2. I myself cry like a little boy (which I think is just the same)… but never on a plane. For some reason, I just give my life to the pilot (or Karen Black) and imagine the headlines if we were to crash. It’s really odd.

    • A friend posted a note on Facebook about Karen Black’s passing. I read it on the way to the airport. Perhaps she was watching over us.

      Luckily, none of our flight attendants cried out; “there’s a hole in the plane”.

  3. I hate turbulence also. I had a friend who once compared it to ripples in water. I told her the difference was that if something happened in a boat I was able to swim.

  4. The flight returning from Florida hit turbulence, courtesy of an April thunderstorm, the plane was so bumpy, it was interfering with a very juicy book I was reading. The bumpiness I can handle, reminds me of a very cool roller coaster, but the lightening coursing through the sky, while pretty, made me realize sitting near the wing, was maybe not a good thing. Next flight I take, I will definitely pick a different seating arrangement. 🙂

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