One comment on “Shaw Festival – Major Barbara

  1. Shaw is an oddity to me. Certainly there’s much to be admired, but your ‘wordy’ adjective is apt. I can never understand how his group dialogues can be so sparklingly lively and interesting, yet whenever a duologue happens it can quickly get stodgy, repetitive and, yes, even BORING. ‘Major Barbara’ (one of his better efforts, in my books) would, I’m sure, be improved by some judicious pruning.
    I too can relate to your feeling of lack of emotional engagement. There’s a preachiness in his texts which, undoubtedly earnestly felt, tends to distance his otherwise sound arguments.
    Still, when it comes to a comparison of Shaw with, say, Chekhov, I’m happy to say (sacriligeously to many), give me the former any day!

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