7 comments on “Shaw Festival – Arcadia

  1. Ah, Stoppard, the contemporary master of wordplay! Many of his pieces leave me dizzy with admiration. Though I’ve never actually SEEN a performance of ‘Arcadia’ (but would love the chance to), I do know it through a radio tape I made of a BBC production in the 90s, which I still have.

    Btw: You mention his Oscar for ‘Shakespeare in Love’, which I don’t decry in the slightest. But I feel it’s a pity that he used artistic licence (fair enough) to make S. write ‘Shall I compare thee….’ to Gwyneth Paltrow, when we all know it was really written in praise of a young man. But there you are. Depicting historical reality would have skewed the whole film – as well as making some feel that they ought to boycott it! (More fool them.)

  2. Were you able to see a live production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? I saw the movie, but don’t know how true it was to a live production. I had heard that the live production of West Side Story was laid out differently, than what was in the movie and that difference changed the dynamic of the story. Shaw Festival sounds like a great time, hopefully one day I get to enjoy the experiences you are describing. 🙂

    • I worked on a local production of R&G R Dead when we lived in Ann Arbor so I have seen it on the stage but it has been 12-15 yrs. The playwright wrote and directed the film so I imagine the adaptation was relatively faithful. I am not sure though, I only saw the film once quite a few years ago. I remember Tim Roth and Gary Oldman played the title roles and Richard Dreyfus played the Actor but not much else.

      You should check out Stratford or Shaw sometime. I think you could take the train. Have a passport?

      • No, I don’t have a passport. I never got one, it seemed the likelihood of me traveling to areas where I would need one were pretty slim. 🙂

  3. Tom Stoppard looks so much like the ‘Comedy’ half of the ‘Comedy/Tragedy’ mask pair, with just a touch of satyr. I recall ‘R&G are Dead’ being one of the most hypnotic theatrical experiences I’d ever had when I saw it in the Seventies. Never saw the film, which I cannot imagine translating well. I’d forgotten he wrote the screenplay for ‘Shakespeare in Love’!

    Have enjoyed catching up with your posts of the festival very much today.

    • Thanks for reading/commenting.

      The film of ‘R&G R Dead’ is interesting.Stoppard wrote the screen play and directed it himself so I assume he was happy with it. I liked it better on the stage.

      • I did too. It’s strange how a film with such a big-name cast and directed by the playwright himself should have manifested itself into such an uninteresting and lifeless production.

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