4 comments on “Stratford Festival -Mary Stuart

  1. You must be all played out by now. We saw a few plays while in Stratford and I was happy with that. Though the 3 Musketeers was tedious at best, it was made for kids and had none of the melodrama expected.

    • There is definitely a saturation factor. One of the reasons I like to blog about the shows is to help me recall them in detail. Otherwise they tend to blur together in memory. Possibly my age.

      Fortunately/Unfortunately the 2013-2014 season for a local theater group we like kicks off with a performance this Friday. I would have preferred to wait a little longer before going back into a theater but I am sure I will enjoy it nonetheless.

  2. You’ve certainly got one over me on this one, H.K. Though aware of both play and opera I’ve never seen or heard either. Sounds like it’s a gap needing to be filled.

    • The Met’s production last season with Joyce DiDonato in the title role was part of the Live In HD series so I imagine it will be available on DVD soon if it isn’t now.

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