3 comments on “Stratford Festival – Waiting For Godot

  1. Yes, it really is a masterpiece, possibly my favourite 20th century play of all – though having now said it, that’s an awfully big claim, with so many other contenders. It did, however, take me some time to ‘get it’.
    Brian Dennehey as Pozzo sounds like a masterstroke – and it seems to have worked. He used to be in films a lot way back in the 80s and 90s and I was very impressed by him then. However, I haven’t seen him in so long that I wasn’t even sure that he was still ‘with us’. Maybe he appears on TV more nowadays?
    The play is so strong that for each interpretation one has to mentally erase any positive expectations arising from having seen previous productions, and prepare to be open-minded to receive something new. It seems pretty well bullet-proof against exploring different angles.
    I do dearly regret not having seen the recent Ian McKellan/Patrick Stewart production which was so well received and went on to tour several countries. (I think it did a run on Broadway.) I’ve only got my fingers crossed that they might do it for TV, but I haven’t heard.
    I just wish I’d been there in the audience with you for this one.

    • I think Dennehy has focused more on stage work in recent years. He had a couple of very successful star turns on Broadway. He won a Tony (and an Olivier) for Death of a Salesman in 1999 and another Tony in 2003 for Long Day’s Journey. He’s done a lot of stage work in Chicago. He’s been at the Stratford Festival several times in recent years. In addition to the Krapp’s Last Tape I mentioned in the post he was in a production of Pinter’s The Homecoming in 2011 that was quite good (also with Stephen Ouimet). We say him twice this season. He has a small role in MAry Stuart.

  2. Yes, I now remember him coming over to play ‘Death/Sman’ in London’s West End a few years ago.
    I Can’t imagine him in ‘The Homecoming’ – a play that I found so objectionable on first seeing about 40 years ago, but which I quickly found totally hilarious – and still do. B.D. would have been a shoe-in for the role of the father, which he must have surely played. And the same for ‘Krapp’s Last Tape’, another great role to play of another great ‘play’, if it can be called that.

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