19 comments on “Am I Becoming a “Friend of Dave”?

  1. nope, no FOD, but someone who has his act together, is polite, is not self-centered and selfish. I too would trade convenience and proximity for civilized behavior and a slightly longer commute. and a 9a cosmo!

  2. For my own peace of mind, please confirm that neither you nor HOD belong to that disturbing and vastly irritating set who, on attending a live opera, go in ready-equipped with a bouquet of blooms to hurl at the appropriate divas during curtain call – and do it no matter what the standard of performance was like. All such men (and they are ALWAYS men – and I bet almost always gay men too) would, in my books, be given a lifetime ban from attending all future live operas throughout the world!

    • Just because a man walks into an opera house carrying a bouquet of 3 dozen red roses surrounded by enough baby’s breath to blow the Flying Dutchman back out to sea and a small portable catapult doesn’t necessarily mean he’s one of ‘nature’s bachelors’.

      Notwithstanding, gay men engaging in open diva worship? … and at the opera?? I am shocked to hear it.

      I have never taken flowers to a performance of any kind though possibly only because my throwing arm isn’t good enough to reach the stage from the cheap seats.

      Harper’s Other Dad, by contrast, takes a bushel of posies to every performance; even the simulcasts. It’s a little embarrassing when he throws them at the movie screen, especially if the performance has only been fair. On the other hand it might be seem overly critical to be seen carrying them out of the theater un-thrown; silent condemnation of the performance of La Divina du jour.

      • H.K. My idealised vision of HOD has taken a grievous knock in the light of what you’ve just said. But what’s even more distressing is that……. I don’t feel as surprised as I want to be.

  3. That kind of behavior (and those types) destroy theater experiences for me. I prefer (and tend to attend) only performances with reserved seating. Sadly, if I think back to some things I’ve seen on stage, all I remember are the awful audience experiences. I should have been able to rise above it, but…

    • Same for me. I should ‘just let it go’ but don’t so I miss some of the drama onstage from having experienced the drama before it. Driving the extra 20 minutes will be nothing compared to the minor dread that accompanied the 1-2 hours before each performance.

  4. Friends of “Dave”? I resent that! Why not friends of “that drama queen”?

    signed /”Dave”/

    Perhaps the nearby theater will get the message, and start reserved seating also.

    • It would be nice but I doubt it. It would take a significant overhaul of their systems to start selling reserved seats. Also, the reserved seating theaters are small enough they won’t cut into the larger theater’s business much.My fear is that more people will realize it is the same price and make the same choice I did.

  5. I’m with you on this one. I’d prefer to drive farther to avoid all the stress and drama. Not worth the raise in blood pressure!

  6. I like you. (No reciprocation required.) In fact, I think I like you a lot. (Same.) But sadly, we could never go out to a movie or play together. If I were to travel to Arizona, the Southeastern contingent of the ‘Friends of Dave’ would follow me there, and I daresay your group would follow you here. It simply would not be fair to the rest of the audience. My sect of ‘FOD’s’ are mostly just magpies, individuals who think their theatre seat is the same as their couch in the den at home. Years ago, my friend Will and I had to cease attending events together because of the double whammy of ‘FOD’ and ‘FOW’. I shutter to think, what with texters added to the mix — the blaze of dozens and dozens cellphone screens surrounding us? Terrifying. Are all Dave’s so cursed?

    • I thought it was just me! I will say the local FODs don’t seem to have discovered texting yet. They like their phones though. My favorite is when they use the phone as a flashlight so they can read the synopsis during the performance rather than reading it before or, I don’t know, just watching to see what happens.
      I really am becoming a grumpy old coot.

  7. Apologies for the appearance of trying to drum up business, but type the word ‘silent’ in the search field on my blog to find my treatise on the art of the coot. If you want to…

  8. Ah I saw this same sense of “entitlement” this past summer at our Chamberfest. Mind you the seating and price scheme is a bit complicated but “Golden Pass” holder would arrive 10 minutes before or on at least two occasions 20 minutes after the start of a concert and “expect” that there would be seats for them. We do have some priority seating for the infirm – of whom there are more and more each year – and we had one gentleman complains loudly and bitterly because “they shouldn’t be given preference”. I once thought that the sense of entitlement was a 30s thing but it appears they have learned it from their seniors.

    • When I was a child, everyone if my grandparents’ generation complained about the lack of manners of young people. Now it is the people of that age that seem to lack manners.

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