10 comments on “The Kindess of Strangers

  1. Well here in Ottawa it is very much hit and miss, the fine for not picking up is $250. but still on a quiet city street many take the chance and do not pick-up. Though this is not as bad as in Rome where it seems no one picked up anything. Not to mention that when it did rain in the summer there was always a strong dog pee smell in the air, so much for the Eternal City.

    • There are times I feel like we are the only ones that bother based on the evidence I see along the walks but I could be wrong. Obviously we only see the evidence of those who aren’t good citizens. I am sure there are many, many more cleaning up after just like we do.

  2. I wouldn’t have been so concerned. But…I was walking mine once and she started doing her business and the sweet little Asian homeowner was watering her flowers. She started spraying the water towards us saying NO, NO, NO, you go, you go. I told her in my sweetest voice that if she got me wet I was going to wrap that garden hose around her neck. We went on about our business.

  3. A “smiley” post! I’m sorry I missed the original publication date, being laid up with kidney stone challenges as it were. Just a delightful story. You and your writing are a delight. I’m still waiting for The Book. 🙂

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