17 comments on “Childlike Fascination

  1. Interesting post. I too fall guilty to whipping out the phone when the conversation dies off. However the phone saved my bacon – when the lamp on my computer screen died I had to order a new one. Did that on my cell phone. Or order a pizza online – on the cell phone. Or better yet, get my gmail – yep, on the cell phone.

    Then there’s reading books on the Kindle App – yup. Or listening to music either stored on the phone via DoubleTwist or on Pandora or TuneIn.

    I mostly text when it comes down to it. Don’t really use the voice part all that much. And I like that it’s more a network device than a phone.

      • Well – it was Pizza Pieer here in RI (They also have a couple locations near Boston too.) but the flagship is here in Providence.

        But yeah – we get really dependent on our technology.

      • Yeah I know. I like places that allow web ordering. Of course Pizza Pieer doesn’t exist in your neck of the woods. A pity – pretty good pizzas. My favorites are the Brimp and the Meatichoke.

        Brimp is broccoli and shrimp with an alfredo style sauce. The Meatichoke is meatballs and artichoke with a red tomato based sauce.

        I’m also a fan of Pizza Grande which is Tomato sauce with black olives, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, garlic, meatballs, sweet italian sausage, pepperoni, broccoli, anchovies and extra cheese. Have to get it sans anchovies because someone here doesn’t like them. But good none the less.

  2. I know the real story about that thingy electronic whatdoyoucall it thing. I got all the details from the Spo Guy and am willing to sell the details for a fee.

  3. I couldn’t live without my Droid and iPhone (personal and work). I refuse to use either while driving (unless one or the other has Waze running), or use them during social interactions with flesh and blood people. I have to club my 25 year old nephew about the head and shoulders because he pulls it out during family dinners! ARGH!!!

    Peace ❤

  4. You certainly don’t have the attention span of a gnat…..more like that of a child with adhd or add or whatever the acronym for that sort of thing is this week….I would explain what I mean but I have to check my email now. 😉

  5. Yep, I find myself using my computers less and my Galaxy Note II more and more. I just talk to it and Google looks it up. How cool is that? Finally someone to answer my questions, who knows the real answers! Note (I need to find him a better name) is my new friend — a friend that I bought (? bought) 8 months ago. He is still teaching me new things about himself. And he knows who all my friends are, and all I have to do is tell him to call one of them, and he does. He is such a good friend, that I sometimes wake him up in the middle of the night and he doesn’t mind, and he will wake me up in the morning, if I need him to. Now he had started charting all my blood glucose values, and keeping me on track. If I am bored, he lets me read my Kindle book without having to find my Kindle. And he is a great game player, especially Solitaire, but even those angry birdies. He will play music for me if I want him to. Even offered to show me a movie, but I declined because I wanted a bigger screen.

    Well, gotta go . . . I think he is ready to get a charge. That plug makes him happy and ready to do some more.

  6. Being someone of a primitive mind who is now just too old to be bothered with these new-fangled contraptions, echoing Gwendolen’s acid comment to Cecily in ‘Earnest” of “I am glad to say that I have never seen a spade.” :-

    I am relieved to admit that I haven’t the foggiest idea of what you are talking about! 🙂

    • I recall having such innocence, not that long ago. I had a blackberry for work but that was back in the day when they didn’t do much besides send/receive email and phone calls and keep one’s calendar. On the personal side I had just a phone. It didn’t have internet access, it didn’t take photos or videos. I could text on it but the process was laborious (hit #1 once for A; twice for B, three times for C, etc) that I never did. Then the clouds opened up, I heard the choir sing and I was led out of the wilderness to the would of the smart phone. It is truly a bell one cannot un-ring. While in Canada recently I had my telephone and texting turned off to avoid the roaming charges. I didn’t miss them at all. But the lack of continuous internet access was a struggle. By the 3rd day I was choosing restaurants based not on the menu or the price but based on whether they had wifi.

  7. I am with you on using it to find out something. It is really handy since my brain is made of Swiss cheese and getting more sacred (holier) as I age. I need it just to find out things. The e-mails can wait til I get home to the computer. The phone never rings unless someone wants to sell me something or has a wrong number. I get calls for HyVee all the time. My most common answer to the sellers “I don’t respond to telephone solicitation.” and to the HyVee callers – That’s and 800 number.

  8. I have a similar problem with my smart phone. I don’t tend to stop reading a book to look something up because I hate losing the escape I find in reading. But, in conversation, whenever a question comes up — Whatever happened to ___? How many people live in ___? What’s the altitude of ___? — out pops the smart phone! There’s something to be said for “ignorance is bliss.”

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