15 comments on “Dog Park Sunday – September 1, 2013

  1. You write simply fabulous posts! I enjoyed this post immensely. More than a few professional writers could learn a thing or two about good writing from reading your blog. You sir could write a book. You are that good. What talent resides in the Harper Household!

      • Pat,

        This guy “Harper’s Keeper” is a hidden talent in Phoenix. I look forward to introducing you to him at next year’s Bloggerpalooza. We have a fine group of folks at that Bloggerpalooza. All different but all have one thing in common, really nice people and talented. And we’re all happy, lots of smiles when we’re together.

  2. but all at once she’s using language
    that would make a sailor blush

    (to continue the show tune theme)

    I daresay spo could sew a splendid shirt (ooooh, alliteration!) from the fabric on which miss harper lays her head.

    • It certainly would have ruined my day had I been involved in it or closer to it. I felt bad when I saw the man starting to leave until I realized he was just going to the other side of the fence.

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